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Lullaby for a Hanged Man

Fiction · English · by Hubert Klimko-Dobrzaniecki · translated from the Polish by Julia and Peter Sherwood

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Praise for Lullaby for a Hanged Man

“This requiem-book is unclassifiable, just like its author, who was in turn turkey plucker, diamond smuggler, and art dealer and who studied Icelandic language, theology and philosophy . . . Or maybe it is, but in this case, we must leave the world of literature and consider this novel as a klezmer concert in New York’s Central Park. A world of eclectic poetry, offbeat/quirky, at the roots of old Europe, funny, tender, violently melancholic.”

Juliette Morillot, La Revue





by André Gide · translated from the French by Tadzio Koelb

Fiction · English
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“A leisurely stroll through the hall of mirrors of a writer’s mind (never was a book more aptly named), this deadpan comic fantasia on the creative life is not typical André Gide, but like a parody of the games he later played in The Counterfeiters. It’s a grandparent to My Struggle by Karl Ove Knaussgaard, only much funnier.”

Christopher Bram


Aftermath Lounge

by Margaret McCullan

Fiction · English
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“In Aftermath Lounge each short story, like a homing pigeon, returns to the Gulf Coast to explore how its people struggle with the ghost of Hurricane Katrina. With riveting prose, Margaret McMullan tracks the weblike connections of family and friends haunted by the storm from Pass Christian, Mississippi, to Chicago.”

–William Ferris,
The Storied South: Voices of Writers and Artists

Ilona. My Life with the Bard

by Jana Juráňová · translated by Julia and Peter Sherwood

Fiction · English
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“A tribute to the women who, although gifted and courageous, were expected to find fulfillment in housework, family, embroidery or, in the best-case scenario, in presenting or representing their husbands.”

—Ivica Ruttkayová,
The Daily Pravda


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Stomach of the Soul

by Sylva Fischerová · translated by the author, Stuart Friebert, and A. J. Hauner

Poetry · English/Czech bilingual edition
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“These are the kinds of poems that literally transport you to other realms of seeing and feeling and knowing.”  

Bruce Weigl


Ocosingon Cover 1 for web

Ocosingo War Diary: Voices from Chiapas

by Efraín Bartolomé, translated from the Spanish by Kevin Brown

Non-fiction · English
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“I sincerely doubt that, among the innumerable works which have been and will be published about the events that so moved Mexico and much of the world, there is no other that compares to Ocosingo in authenticity and literary value.”
—Enoch Cancino Casahonda



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The Little Trillogy

by Anton Chekhov
Trans. Boris Dralyuk

fiction/bilingual edition
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“Reading Chekhov was just like the angels singing to me.”
Eudora Welty



City That Ripens On The Tree Of The World

City That Ripens on
the Tree of the World

by Robin Davidson

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“Davidson’s poetry is… insistently spiritual in its deft cap­turing of the inherently spiritual significance of the sensual world.”
—Tammis Thomas


Froth - Jarosław Mikołajewski

Froth: Poems

by Jarosław MikołaJewski
Trans. Piotr Florczyk

poetry/bilingual edition
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“This is contemporary European poetry at its best: tender, unpredictable, a hymn, a love poem, a moment of laughter, of revelation.”
—Ilya Kaminsky



by Derick Burleson


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The Moonflower King

by Anthony Bonds


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the vanishings & other poems

by Elizabeth Myhr


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Of Gentle Wolves:
An Anthology of
Romanian Poetry

Trans. Martin Woodside

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Building the
Barricade and Other

Anna Swir; Trans. Piotr Florczyk

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How Much Land
Does a Man

Leo Tolstoy; Trans. Boris Dralyuk

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