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The Little Trilogy

Fiction/Translation · English & Russian edition · by Anton Chekhov · Trans. Boris Dralyuk
the Little Trilogy 

Praise for Anton Chekhov


“Reading Chekhov was just like the angels singing to me.”
—Eudora Welty


“Chekhov makes everything work — the air, the light, the cold, the dirt, etc. Show these things and you don’t have to say them.”
—Flannery O’Connor



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Athanor & Other Pohems

by Gellu Naum
Trans. Martin Woodside

October 2013
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“The poetry of Gellu Naum is the script that inscribes Romania, the country lucky to have had him, onto the angelic map of the Cosmic Lottery.”
Andrei Codrescu

City That Ripens On The Tree Of The World

City That Ripens on
the Tree of the World

by Robin Davidson
August 2011
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“Davidson’s poetry is… insistently spiritual in its deft cap­turing of the inherently spiritual significance of the sensual world.” —Tammis Thomas

Froth - Jarosław Mikołajewski

Froth: Poems

by Jarosław MikołaJewski
Trans. Piotr Florczyk
February 2011
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“This is contemporary European poetry at its best: tender, unpredictable, a hymn, a love poem, a moment of laughter, of revelation.” —Ilya Kaminsky

Derick Burleson


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The Moonflower King
Anthony Bonds

February 2012

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the vanishings & other poems
Elizabeth Myhr

October 2011

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Of Gentle Wolves:
An Anthology of
Romanian Poetry
Trans. Martin Woodside

July 2011

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Building the
Barricade and Other
Anna Swir; Trans. Piotr Florczyk

March 2011

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How Much Land
Does a Man
Leo Tolstoy; Trans. Boris Dralyuk

December 2010

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